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Is your curing light as effective as you are?

Not all curing lights are made equal. Many generate too much or too little energy to properly cure restorative materials.

checkUP, the world's first smart curing light measurement technology, monitors the health of your lights and automatically calculates the optimal curing times for your materials.
No more guesswork!

50% of your income relies on the successful use of a curing light

But no technology currently exists in the market that allows dentists to accurately, clinically and reliably monitor the outputs of their curing lights regularly.

Except for checkUP!

73% of dentists needed to modify their light curing protocols after a simple light testing.

Why test your curing lights?

Reduce Unbillable Chair Time
24% of fillings fail within 2 Years.
Two of the most common reasons are under-curing or over-curing the restoration material. checkUP test can decrease your curing failure by providing you with clinically relevant information. In short, checkUP could maximize chair time efficiency.

Enhance Patient Outcomes
What is causing post-op sensitivity? Incomplete polymerization leads to increasing clinical problems (e.g., fracture, secondary decay, de-bonding, discoloration) and post-op sensitivity. Avoid premature restoration failures by getting your curing light tested with checkUP and further improve your patient care.

How it works

1.  Order checkUP for your dental practice, and download the checkUP app below.

2. checkUP records the results of each curing light test to automatically warn you if your lights power is changing over time.

3. No more guesswork on how long to cure your materials. checkUP automatically calculates the number of seconds needed for an optimal cure.

Better Curing Starts Today

In their curing light guidelines, the American Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association recommend regular testing of your lights to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

The reason? Not all curing lights are made equal, and with hundreds of lights to pick from, it’s important to know how your lights measure up.

Get checkUP to remove the guesswork out of your practice and make sure that your curing light is as effective as you are!

Order Your checkUP Today!Order Your checkUP Today!